Zeal Stream

Stop waiting on large videos to process.

With our proprietary transcode and transcribe pipeline, you will be able to start streaming large amounts of video content in no time. Bulk upload videos in multiple formats quickly and reliably.

Zeal Stream Quick Processing

Are you collecting enough data?

Data is everything. With our video analytics you and your business can gain confidence in the direction your marketing efforts are going based on reliable and granular data. Below are the basic data points that you can expect to see along with a growing list of other insights that we are currently working on.

Video Views

Device Usage

Video Plays

Browser Usage

Video Watch Time

In-depth Geographical Data

Zeal Stream Flex Player

Dynamically change video sources based on triggers.

With our Flex Player, you can embed one video code on your site and forget it. You will have the ability to either switch videos manually or schedule them to show at different times and days without having to change your embed code.


Make it your player. Change settings to make it simple or add your own flavor.

Your player is your player. Make it look specific to your brand and optimize your customer engagement experience.

Zeal Stream Customize
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We are here for you.

We strongly believe in delivering features that matter. To submit feature requests or bugs, you can submit that through our help desk here.

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Have questions?

For general support or inquiries, you can reach out to us through our contact form. We will answer you as quickly as we can.

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